Comments From Social Community


a. Dr. Shahnaz Muzamil (Poetess), Chairperson, Adab Saraae

 “MAN KATEHRA” will remain in readers’ mind, long after its covers are closed.”

 b. Dr. Kausar Mehmood (Poet), Operative Dentistry

“MANn KATEHRA” is a distinguished collection with considerable thematic range.

c. Mr. Sohail Raza (Poet), Secretary, PHMA 

“MANn KATEHRA” there is a sense of vision and intelligence that can shed light on the most shadowy recesses of the natural world and the self.


 1. Mr. Abdul Rasheed Awan, (Duty Free Shop Ltd)

A sensitive first book; the poet communicates his intense rapport with nature with insight and perception, and he gives us a sense of history, the “long slow motion of time” that we are all part of.

2. Farhan Masood, Solo Smart

Mian uncovers the hidden world of the tentative yet inevitable, the passage of weather and seasons, which seem to echo the persistence of memory itself. This is a luminous, almost visionary book, a treasure to be read and re-read.

3. Mr. Tariq Sohail Khan, (SebaKMT), Pakistan

His diction is always straightforward and his meanings are clear but his work is so deep. All in all this is indeed a collection of “spells for clear vision.

4. Dr. Liaqat Ali Babar, (SAAME), Mailsi

Waqar’s work is unusually intelligent and courageous. ‘Man Katehra” is a gift for which we should be grateful.

5. Mr. Khalid Khan, (Descon Group), Pakistan

If the landscape is harsh, so are the dynamics of human relationships, and Waqar writes of them in bracing, vivid poetry… indeed, he offers his readers “window into the inner world;” and in each case, the view is exciting.

6. Mr. Tariq Sohail Khan, (SebaKMT), Pakistan

When reading “Mnn Katehra”, one feels in the presence of a poet who has the rare talent of integrating private experiences (or public ones filtered through the personal eye) with powerful language.

7. Mr. Muhammad Ali Ahmed, (Marvel System)

Mian’s descriptions always stretch out expectations with just the right lilt, the perfect detail…I love how intensely he leads us into greater and greater complexities, history and mythology and the most secretive parts of the heart all colliding in a grand burst of energy…the page lighting up like a meteor shower.

8. Mr. Syed Kashif Shah, (Hacks School)

Waqar is a poet worth watching and reading, a poet of technical polish, literary skill and much personal intensity. 

9. Mr. Nadeem Akhtar, (Marvel System)

Waqar skillfully and lyrically guides the reader down the path of the past to the present. The collection reads like a richly assembled quilt. “MANN KATEHRA” is an eloquent and dramatic look at the cycle of life and the vision and circumstances that tie people together and divide them from themselves.

10. Naveed Ali Bhatti (Kazmi Printers)

This is rich stuff, daring both rant and rhapsody, crafted with much imaginative skill.

11. Rizwana Kiran (Warid Telecom)

Waqar has proved that he really do have a broader vision. He is a realistically thinking person, who can turn human emotions into words and through those words convey the actual gist of his thoughts.

12. MIAN Tahir Aziz (Muslim Commercial Bank)

I know Mr. Waqar from Last couple of years, but this aspect of his personality was hidden, I really appreciate his effort in this regard. BEAUTIFUL