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am Professional Management Consultant, with many years' experience in the
field of Public Payphone System, Public Address System, Public Surveillance
System, Power Diagnostic Systems, Bird Repellent System, Transit Media
System, Public Display System, All Purpose Elevators & Lifters, All Purpose
Security Gates, Barriers and Turnstiles, Market Surveys, Market Research, Human
Resource Management, Corporate Training & HR Development, Women
Empowerment, Child Labor, Micro Finance, Large Format Printing, Pharmacy,
Real Estate, Transportation etc. I having managed multimillion dollars projects
with a proven track record for introducing new technologies into large
enterprises. Conducted research on latest inventions and innovations around the
world. Represented number of industrial and corporate solutions for Pakistan
and other concerned regions. Participated in hundreds of different exhibitions
including career exhibitions, industrial exhibitions, energy exhibitions, property
exhibitions, educational Exhibitions, Books Exhibitions, Pak-China
Exhibitions, Pak-India Exhibitions, and Art & Cultural Exhibitions. Facilitated
companies to participate in several exhibitions around the world. Arranged
several business seminars, workshops, orientations, new product launches and
CEO Forums. Wrote cover stories, end reports, several interview scripts for press,
radio and television programs.
on Annual Ceremony of Unique Group of Institutions and Urban Group of Colleges at Al-Hamra Art & Cultural Complex Lahore.
1995 to Now
Honored to be selected as