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While Presidency, he hosted 100s of events
at Bar Association Mailsi and invited
Chief Justice, Senior Judges of High
Court, Lahore, Senior Politicians and
several guests from Civil Society. Welfare
of bar Association Mailsi, Fund Raising &
Bar Grants from District Counsel, High
Court Lahore for the Construction of Bar
Room, Construction of Court Complex
and Construction of New Blocks of Law
Chambers, Library Development Canteen
& Cafeteria Development. He also
organized training & development
programs as well as exposure lectures to
boost cordial relationship between bar
and bench for administration of justice
and to uphold constitutional supremacy.
He always took stand and raised voice
against social injustice via engaging
several regional bar associations and civil
He consistently struggled to acquire land
for the development of Mailsi Lawyers
Residential Colony. In January 1990, he
met withMian Nawaz Sharif (when he was
Chief Minister of Punjab) and Mian
Shahbaz Sharif at PMLN Secretariat
Model down (Lahore) and submitted
proposal of Mailsi Lawyers Residential
Colony. In April 1998, he met Mian
Nawaz Sharif (when he was Prime
Minister of Pakistan) on his Mailsi visit,
where is promised to sanction the land.
From his college life, he was involved in
social and political activities. In college
level politics, his famous fellows were
including Tassaduq Hussain Jillani (Ex-
Chief Justice of Pakistan), Javaid
Hashmi (Ex-Federal Minister and Famous
National Leader), Mohsin Naqvi (Famous
Urdu Poet) , Asghar Nadeem Syed
(Famous Writer & Professor), Waqar
A h m e d Q u r a i s h i ( C o n t r o l l e r
E x ami n a t i o n , BZU ) a n d Ma l i k
Muhammad Nazim (Retired Tehsil
Municipal Officer).
In November 1968, he started his political
c a r e e r w i t h P a k i s t a n P e o p l e
Party (PPP). He asked Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
in respect of his political slogan Roti,
Kapra, Makan, what he himself will eat,
what he himself will dress and where he
himself will live. We still need the answer
from our political leadership.
In social sector, he remained president of
non-for profit organization named
“Anjuman Shehr ian- e -Mai l s i” . He
established Civil Club Mailsi with the
help of civil society and administrative
head Assistant Commissioner Mailsi.
He also served as a General Secretary of
the Civil Club to promote indoor
games among members including lawyers,
b a n k e r s , g o v e r nme n t o f fi c i a l s ,
business community etc.
He is well
respected among his lawyers circle, political
and social network. He loves his work. He
has awesome leadership qualities. He is
always dedicated & committed. He values
long-term relationships. His motivational
speeches, Islamic discussions, knowledge of
politics and related affairs, understanding
of social issues, interest in Urdu literature &
Iqbaliat, History & Ideology of Pakistan
and much more, remained my key source
of inspiration.
(From the life of my father)
President of Mailsi Bar Association