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While working with Khaksar Movement,
he also remained active in Pakistan
Muslim League.
After inception of Pakistan, he became
Chairman of Union Counsel Jallah Jeem
for 2 times, first term was from 1959 to
1964 and second termwas 1964 to 1968.
His major achievements were including:
1 . Th e d e v e l o pme n t s o f H i g h
School on 12 Acres,
2. Hospital on 5 Acres,
3 . Un i on Couns e l on 3 Ac re s ,
4. Khudam-ul-Quran on 1 Acre,
5. Veterinary Hospital on 1 Acre,
6. Girls School on ½Acre and
7. Club Ghar on ½ Ghar.
He was President of the Association of
Hakeems of Tehsil Mailsi.
He established Shifa Khana Fazal-e-
Rabania, in year 1938 and served poor
and needy people of the area till the last
day of life.
My grandfather's name was Hakeem
Mian Qamar-uz-Zaman. He remained
active in Khaksar Movement.
The Khaksar Movement was a social
movement based in Lahore, Punjab,
British India, established by Allama
Anayat Ullah Mashriqi in 1931, with the
aim of freeing India from the rule of the
British Empire.
Allama Mashriqi disbanded the Khaksar
Movement on 4 July 1947 considering
that the Muslims of India were more
than satisfied after the hope of new
separate Muslim state i.e. Pakistan and
they had lost all the motivation which
could match the requirements of
Khaksar Movement..
From 15th Century
(From the Dairy of my Grandfather, Hakeem Mian Qamar-uz-Zaman Saklainee)