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So, he supported Muslim Community
while conflicts with Hidus and Sikhs. He
and his family (known as Janjua Arain)
continued to work for the welfare of
Mus l ims . Nine Graveyards were
established for Shuhdas of all Islamic
struggles in the area. Nine Graveyards
were including:
1. Nuran Shaheed,
2. Shadan Shaheed,
3. Ibrahim Jati Sati,
4. Alam Shah,
5. Muhammad Shah,
6. Gul Chand Shaheed,
7. Hafiz Allah Bakhash,
8. Al Bakhash and
9. Jaday Wala.
Name of "Parganah Hakarah" was
changed to Jallah Jeem to Tribute
Hakeem Jallal-ud-Din. Later in 1050
Hijri, his son Hakeem Rukan ud Din
built Badshahi Jama Masjid, in the
period of King Shah Jahan (Mughal
Emperor). All historical Graveyards,
Badshahi Jama Masjid and Signs of
Fort can be seen.
From my forefather Hakeem Jallal-ud-
Din to my grandfather Hakeem Mian
Qamar-uz-Zaman Saklainee, my family
has served the people Jallah Jeem not
only via Hikmaat but also through
social, political and religious services.
1. Hakeem Mian Jallal-ud-Din
2. Hakeem Mian Rukan-ud-Din
3. Hakeem Mian Muhammad
4. Hakeem Mian Joom Ali
5. Hakeem Mian Hussain Ali
6. Hakeem Mian Muhammad Ramzan
7. Hakeem Mian Rukan Bakhash
8. Hakeem Mian Fazal Haq
9. Hakeem Mian Qamar-uz-Zaman
Today our Arain Janjua families are not
only living in almost all parts of Jallah
Jeem but also migrated in many other
cities of Pakistan.
From 15th Century
(From the Dairy of my Grandfather, Hakeem Mian Qamar-uz-Zaman Saklainee)