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-payphone hardware/software/training/ services providing company
10/1999 – 10/2002
Talktel Pvt. Ltd.
Assistant General Manager
Multan/Sargodha/Lahore – Pakistan
-payphone hardware/software/training/ services providing company
Initial six months to me were to prepare myself regarding advance concepts of
payphone industry including X.25 network, PTCL exchanges and control engineering;
practical labs were regarding working with hardware, software, Netware and firmware; got
full time training from GTCCL engineers and learned how to manage “Area Payphone
Management System” where main topics were network administration, database
administration and workflow management; promoted as assistant general manager after
mastering familiarity with overall aspects of payphone industry; new responsibilities were
including monitoring import affairs, handling stock management, installing payphone
system at client premises, installing payphone system in PTCL exchanges, diagnosing and
troubleshooting technical problems, replacing defected items, system analysis and report
writing to senior management and masters; extended administrative responsibilities were
including negotiating licensing contracts, financial control, investment management,
corporate affairs and human resource development; trained new staff on the subject of
network administration and database management of Area Payphone Management System.
10/1999 - 10 / 2002