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-marketing research, sales promotion and HR services
10/2002 – 10/2003
Chatha Associates & RETF
Assistant Director Marketing
Lahore/Multan – Pakistan
-marketing research, sales promotion and HR services
Dealt with multinational consultancy firms (PricewaterhouseCoopers, Coopers & Lybrand
Consulting, Solincs Pvt. Ltd., Aftab Associates and SB&B); completed projects including
educational research, social research, industrial research, packaging research, pricing
research, mystery shopping, continues surveys; wrote proposals & designed campaigns for
business promotion and market research; established short-terms offices (2-3 months) in
various remote areas; established teams for market study and marketing research on urgent
bases; established stalls for free sampling on the behalf of parties; Trained teams of male and
female staff as per parties' requirement. Additional tasks were including assignment
management, quality assurance, data processing and field work force management.
10/2002 - 10 / 2003