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4/2005 - 4/2007
Solo Smart
Director Operations
- Pakistan's leading manufacturer for kiosk based face recognition and photo capturing
systems for time, attendance & access.
A brave division establish by Ravi Group (a bike manufacturing company) and Solo Group.
Company is dealing in public address systems, public display system, power solutions,
CCTV systems, time and attendance systems (including face recognition and photo
capturing), access control systems (including RFID and thumb readers). Developed resellers
and associates network Pakistan wide. Installed face recognition system in over 22 industries.
Introduced HR Robotics in over 1000 companies. Conducted various workshops and
trainings events for various industries including textile, telecommunication,
Pharmaceuticals, Hotel, Construction, Service Sectors, Media & Advertisement Agencies,
Colleges and Universities. Participated in exhibitions and seminars. Delivered open lectures
to industrialist and IT professionals. Participated in Product designing and development.
Establish R & D Cell to develop mature and commercialize new brave ideas. Worked with
software and interface development team, Product Modeling Team, Designing and
Publishing team, worked with engineers for PCB circuit and control unit development.
Establish testing units and quality assurance cells. Integrated different technologies to
Attendance system including office access control and CCTV systems, Electricity and Public
address systems, ERPs and Payroll systems.
4/2005 - 4/2007
- Pakistan's leading manufacturer for kiosk based face recognition & photo capturing
system for time, attendance & access.