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2004 – Present
GBDA (Gwadar Builders & Developers Association)
Consultant and Media Advisor,
Lahore, Pakistan
- 15 Years of Excellence to Promote Gwadar Locally and Internationally
GBDA (Gwadar Builders & Developers Association) is a multi-functional special interest
group, dedicated to participate in the promotional activities of Gawdar deep seaport locally
and globally. GBDA was established in December 2004 due to the following reasons and
:: To establish a platformwhere developers and builders could address their issues and concerns
:: To address security matters, regulatory issues and socio-cultural concerns.
:: To act as a development partners with GDA and other Development Authorities
:: To secure the investment of clients as well as the builders and developers of Gwadar
:: To resolve the issues among local land owners and builders
We welcome local authorities, technocrats, traders, builders, architects, investors, financial
institutions, cargo & shipping companies, political & social figures, marketing & advertising
agencies, TV, media & press, related professionals and general public to support and uplift
our noble cause to promote Gwadar Smart City to benefit our country and our nation.
Gwadar Smart City is an international project and it will benefit to number of nations and
the whole world.
- A well reputed business identity of KSA, specialized water, chemical, electrical and mechanical solutions & supplies
2004 to Present