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2004 – Present
Adab Saraae International, Consultant & Media Advisor,
Lahore, Pakistan
- Adab Saraae is an Urdu Literary Organization, working in Pakistan since 1987.
Its main objective is to educate the new writers and new poets and to provide them an open
platform to recite their poetry and prose. The renowned poets, writers and scholars are the basic
members of this organization which are serving to promote Urdu literature worldwide. Since its
inception, Adab Saraae is conducting regular monthly literary program on second Monday of
every month (after a Asar Prayer). Now, Adab Saraae is internationally recognized Name in the
world of Urdu Literature. Senior Members of Adab Saraae are actively participating in National
and International Literary Events and also teaching in various Universities and Education Centers.
The National Press of Pakistan publishes monthly activity report of Adab Saraae. Organization is
also publishing a comprehensive quarterly Magazine namely ADAB SARAAE.
:: Dealt with 100s of local and global literary organizations
:: Organized over 600 monthly literary events
:: Participated in1000s of national literary events
:: Participated in100s of international literary events
:: Invited as a special guest to 100s of globally renowned poets
:: Arranged over 300 special day events
:: Organized 100s of new books inauguration programs
:: Reviewed of over 5000 newUrdu books & publications
:: Guidance to 1000s of newUrdu & Punjabi writers & poets
:: Over 5000 print / digital news cuttings & clippings
:: Over 3000 email and mail regular circulation
:: Over 5000 social media likes & follow ups
Honored to be selected as
- On completion 30th Year of Adab Saraae International’s Literary Journey, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
2004 to Present