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INAT (KSA): Specialized in Trading, Quality Management, Inspection, NDT and Civil Testing
DYNACORD: Global leader for mobile concert sound, paging system & pro sound
SEBAKMT: Global leader in fault diagnostic solutions for electric, gas, water and telecom
CHOCOLATE GRAPHICS: 3D and Depth Chocolate Printing Solution (Australia)
MEDIA BOP: Lenticular digital imaging (3d, flip and depth printing) (China)
BANNERMATE: Modular display stands system for Indoor Advertisement (China)
CIS: Continuous Ink Flow System add-on solution for latest Epson and HP printers (China)
GUINN CONSULTANCY: Business plan development, operator of multiple businesses (USA)
GAP AMERICA GLOBAL: GAP, Worldwide Distributors of Collagen RX Creams (USA)
CHEETAH SECURITY: Australia's leading company for Digital Surveillance System
GTCCL: Payphone Sets, line protection units, Area Payphone Management (China)
PARTNERS AT AL DOUSOR: Conax Technologies, Aspen Tech, Flow Tech, Omal
Automation, OBL, SLADE, System Separation Sweden AB, Solvay, Severn Trent, De Nora Telea
srl, ECOSPEC, Gates, H & R Group, FLOW TECH, Breen Energy Solution, ETD Consulting,
GLOBCHEM & UNION Engineering
(international disclosures & local PR development)
(international disclosures & local PR development)