Professional exposure & self development

SKILLS & CAPABILITIES – (professional exposure & self development)

Proficient: Curriculum development, correspondence, proposal writing, strategic planning, training & research, campaigndesigning, marketing research and human resource development
Ordinary: Franchising & licensing, managing investments & donations, project monitoring & evaluation, micro finance, capacity building, non-formal education, child labor and gender issues

OS Platforms:
Proficient: PalmOS, MS Windows XP, NT, CE and 2000 Advance Server with ISA & DS
Ordinary: Apple MAC OS, Cisco IOS, Linux Red Hat and Lindows OS (Linux Based Windows)

Hardware Platforms:
Proficient: 2G XDA Cellular Phones, Handhelds, Tablets, Clamshells, Laptops and Desktop PCs Ordinary: Midrange Clients / Servers computers including Dell, Gateway, HP, Compaq and IBM

Networking, Mobility:
Proficient: APMS, Air Cards, WAP, Bluetooth, WiFi, 802.11b, IP / Infrared Motion Cameras Ordinary: X.25, IPv6, VoIP, Call Centers, ISPs, CDMA, GSM, GPRS, WCDMA, EDGE and 3G

Large Format Printing:
Proficient: Media Bop 3D & Flip Imaging, Modular Display System, Plastic ID Cards and CIS Ordinary: Large Format Inkjet Printing, Plastic/Metal Engraving and Digital Chocolate Graphics

Office Applications:
Proficient: Corel Word Perfect Suite, MS Office, MS Outlook, Corel Draw and Norton/McAfee Ordinary: Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Photoshop, MS Money, Peachtree Accounting and Spss

Web Development:
Proficient: MS Front Page/Publisher, Macromedia Flash / Dreamweaver MX, Xara3d and Swish
Ordinary: HTML, DHTML, XML, Java Script/Applets, PHP and Linux / Windows Web Servers

Databases Development:
Proficient: MS Visual BASIC, MS Access, MS Project, MS Visual Foxpro and Crystal Report 9
Ordinary: Oracle Developer & SQL 9i, Pocket Databases/Organizers and Web-based Schedulers

English & Urdu (with written and spoken excellence) Punjabi & Seraiki (with verbal excellence)