Marvel System represents Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc. (USA) in Pakistan. I have over 10 years consulting experience in the areas of diversity and inclusion, franchising and licensing, international marketing, team building, business development, event management, strategic planning and executive counselling.

The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc. has been credit rated by both Dun & Bradstreet and by Asian CIS. The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc. is a Partner in the Institute for Partner Education and Development and participates in developing and delivering products, services, and consulting expertise worldwide.

Niazi Group is Pakistan’s renowned business identity, serving since 1960. Niazi Group is successful to achieve a dominant status in multiple sectors including construction, real estate, transportation, logistic services, tourism, bricks manufacturing, Pharmacy and agricultural farming.

Int’l Rite Aid Homeo Pharma (Pvt) Ltd. is a research oriented organization and a manufacturer of the most effective homeo medicines. We provide modern, gentle and effective homeo treatments of many incurable and critical diseases. The effectiveness of our medicines and the strength of our modernized homeopathic principles have been confirmed by many individual research findings over many years.

Al-Noor Cargo City, Gwadar is also known as Gwadar’s first strategic commercial scheme. Al-Noor cargo city is situated in the mid of Gwadar air port and Gwadar sea port. It has one-kilometer wide front on the 205ft wide main Baluchistan Broadway and 150ft wide Existing coastal highway.

Adan Villas are famous in Bhurban due to their inspirational location and lush green valley views. The Villas are result of dedicated efforts by renowned architects and developers that ensure their finest mastery. Scale of beauty is comparable with World-class villas.

Niazi Developers builds Residential Schemes, Commercial Schemes, Industrial Schemes, Government Projects, Private Projects, Hotels, Bus Stations, Public Parks, Roads and other infrastructure-related projects used by millions of people. The company has made an unmatched contribution to civil engineering landmarks around the country in widely divergent areas.

Niazi Bus Services is the largest provider of intercity and urban bus transportation, serving more than 15,000 destinations with 150,000 daily departures across Pakistan. It has become a Pakistan icon, providing safe, enjoyable and affordable travel to 54 million passengers each year. Niazi Bus Services is well known for its regularly scheduled passenger service and it is playing an important role in delivering social inclusion, helping people in rural and urban areas for business, trade, career, service, education, training, health, shopping and leisure.

Niazi Bricks is Pakistan’s largest brick manufacturer, with 10 manufacturing (units) facilities in 5 different cites throughout Pakistan. We produce 1.5 billion brick each year. Our extensive distribution network is helping us to achieve our goals to provide widest possible selection of brick colors and styles, the best service and visualization tools in the business and unusual and unique products that allow you to create the home of your dreams.

Niazi Logistic Corporation provides services to companies by complementing or replacing their internal logistics operations with a cost effective and efficient third party source. Our logistics services include warehousing, distribution, fulfillment, transportation or a combination of all logistics operations.

Bio Image is a US based progressive technology company with core expertise in robotic vision focused on the development of technologies and solution related to human face, targeted to the security and human resource markets.

Solo Smart a brave division establish by Solo Group. Pakistan’s leading manufacturer for kiosk based face recognition and photo capturing systems for time & attendance & access access control system.

Solo Cards is an originating leader of manufacturing technologies for identity cards and licenses is dedicated to serve the needs and requirements of the Corporate and the Government Sectors in Pakistan.

Solo Tech a brave division establish by Solo Group. Company is dealing in public address systems, public display system, power solutions, Solar Solutions, Interactive advertisement solutions, CCTV Camera systems.

Solo Sign, A brave division establish by Solo Group dealing in digital printing and supplies including printing indoor & outdoor advertising material, POP (point of purchase), light frames, display stands (for exhibitions, promotion and workshops) and plastic-sheet engraving.

Quick Fix is a UAE based company dealing in wide rang of exhibition support products including exhibition walls, Rollup Screens, banner stands, info stands, brochure stands, ultra thin light boxes, quick-flip frames, promoter stands, banner flags and related accessories.

Sada Bharosa a Research Oriented Microfinance organization operating community stores operated with membership cards named micro-cards, conducting free medical camping for all members, health / life / loan insurance, offers swing machines, rickshaws, motor bikes, power looms, textile doubling machines.

SAAME is a South Asian Alliance of Medical Experts, devoted to conduct Indoor / Outdoor Medical camps in various cities of South Punjab especially on skin diseases. Developing consortiums with regional CBOs (Community Based Organizations), Pharmaceutical companies, Medical Centers, Hospitals and Skin Care Centers for the betterment of humanity.

Talktel (Pvt) Ltd. deals in payphone sets and area payphone management system. Talktel represents GTCCL (China’s Leading Payphone Solution Providing Company) in Pakistan.

Chatha Associates, an International Marketing consultancy company conducting educational research, social research, industrial research, packaging research, pricing research, mystery shopping and continues surveys.